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Waiting for results – use your time wisely!

There is a lot of waiting involved with DNA testing – waiting for results, waiting for replies to messages, waiting for new matches to appear – the list is endless!  Creating a family tree is one step in your preparation for results day.

Learning as much about family trees and genetic genealogy as you can will also help you – but don’t get overwhelmed by jargon and diagrams.  Read articles, books, blogs, join groups on Facebook.  Brush up your computer skills.  Do you know how to screenshot interesting information to capture it in a hurry?  Have you thought about where are you going to save/file all your research?  Review the information that you do have about your family – is there any other research you could be doing?

Today’s information sheet focuses on Creating a Private and Unsearchable Ancestry Family Tree.

You can create a tree on Ancestry without a subscription – or even if you have no idea who your parents are.  A tree with only one person in it may not seem that useful, but you have given yourself a place to work when you do have more information.

If you are looking to solve family mysteries, then it is sensible to ensure that your research remains private – at least to start with.  The debate about private/public/non-existent trees will probably rumble on for ever, but letting someone discover by accident that they are listed as your half-sister is not the best way to introduce yourself!

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