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Navigating Ancestry’s DNA Testing Process

If you are not confident with computers, use email infrequently and are still finding your way around Ancestry, there’s an awful lot to get to grips with in the DNA testing process – and that’s before you try to make sense of the results!  Having now spent quite a while helping Ancestry users with their DNA testing, I’ve realised that there are a number of problems and/or misunderstandings that occur fairly regularly.

Today’s information sheet is about Navigating Ancestry’s DNA Testing Process – the ins and outs of how the system works, the order in which things are meant to happen and how you can plan ahead to try and ensure everything goes smoothly.

If things do go wrong, most mistakes can be corrected.  At worst you are likely to have to start from the beginning with a replacement kit – and Ancestry are generally very good about supplying free replacements if that becomes necessary.  But, when you’re pacing the floor, waiting eagerly for results, starting afresh can be a very frustrating experience!

The final page of the guide is a form designed to record all the details about a DNA test, giving an easy reference sheet for usernames, passwords, emails and progression through Ancestry’s testing system.

Click here to see all the information sheets currently available.

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