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Linking your AncestryDNA results to your Ancestry tree

So far, we’ve talked about DNA tests in general  – with AncestryDNA being the best place to test initially in most circumstances – and creating a private/unsearchable tree on Ancestry.

The magic of Ancestry is its ability to bring DNA and trees together so that you can see (or at least try and work out!) how your new-found DNA Cousins link into your tree.  Ancestry cannot presume that it knows who you are testing and who they are on your tree – you have to go through a few steps to let it know that this test relates to that person in that tree.

Linking your DNA to your tree is a step that you can take at any point, but there’s no reason why you can’t do it whilst you wait for your results to be processed.

Click on the link for the information sheet:  How to link your AncestryDNA results to your Ancestry tree

Click here to see all the information sheets currently available.

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