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How can DNA testing help me?

Today is DNA Day which seemed a good day to launch my new blog and Facebook page about discovering your DNA family.

It is almost two years since I took my first test, hoping that it might help me find out about my Grandfather.   I wanted to share the knowledge and techniques that I’ve gained over the past two years and make DNA testing something that helps you in your family history research – rather than something that makes you want to throw your laptop across the room in frustration!

Despite my love of computers, I still prefer learning by reading printed words on a piece of paper.  I decided that as well as general blog posts, I would create information sheets in a format that could either be read on-screen or downloaded/printed and digested at your leisure.  Hopefully, over time, they will build into a useful reference library.

Today’s information sheet is for those of you who are thinking about taking a DNA test, especially as many of the testing companies have discounted kits for sale at the moment.   How can testing help?  How much will it cost?  Where can I buy a test? Which test should I buy?  What else should I consider?

Click to read/download:   How can DNA Testing help me?

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