Using Ancestry DNA to search for your biological family can be a daunting task. Whether you are looking for guidance on a particular aspect of your search or for someone to conduct the research on your behalf, I can help.

About me…

After solving my own DNA mystery in 2015, I began using DNA to find answers for people seeking answers to their DNA questions – adoptees; unknown birth-Fathers; foundlings; people who were donor-conceived and people with unexpected DNA results. I have now helped over a hundred people to find their birth parent(s).

Although I live in the UK, I am experienced in finding birth families in America and England.

How successful are DNA searches?

There are many factors that affect how easy/difficult a DNA search might be, but a lot depends upon your DNA matches. Generally having more/closer matches make searches easier, but you only need enough of the right matches, so quantity alone is not always the most important factor.

How long does it take to get answers?

I have solved a few searches within hours. Many American searches can now be solved within a few days. Other searches progress more steadily, with pauses when the current information has been exhausted and new information is needed to make further progress. And yes, I have a few searches that are still waiting for that final breakthrough after many months!

How much does it cost?

Rather than charge a flat rate per search, I offer blocks of research time, allowing you to pay for just the help you need, as and when you need it.

If you are searching for an American birth parent and have some second cousin category matches, it is often possible to find answers within a couple of days – a likely total cost of around £230/$300.

I charge a maximum research fee of £750, no matter how long and involved a search may turn out to be.

Free of charge:

  • Free Research resources to help you develop your own skills
  • Free Initial Consultation (by email or Facebook Messenger) – see below for contact details – discussion of your search goal and Ancestry DNA results
  • Free Searches on behalf of “War Babes” – people born outside America during WWII whose biological Father was a US Serviceman (as time allows)

Ancestry DNA Results Review (£50 – approx US$65)

  • 4 hour review of your Ancestry DNA results and feedback. This session will include colour-coding your matches/dividing them into groups for further research and should provide a clearer idea as to how much time might be needed to achieve your search goal.

Research Session (£60 – approx US$80)

  • 4 hours research/feedback: Further analysis of your Ancestry DNA results, creation of a Research Tree and feedback on progress achieved.
  • Maximum Research Fee £750 (approx US$990)

Payment via PayPal: Balance payable upon completion of booked session(s)/deposit required for multi-session bookings. Full Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Is it safe to let someone else access my Ancestry DNA results?

Fortunately Ancestry provides an invitation system, enabling you to give me access to your DNA results without sharing your login/password information (I can provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to achieve this).

As the owner of your DNA results you have the ability to “uninvite” me at any point, so you are always in control.


Contact me to discuss how we could work together to find an answer to your DNA mystery:

💬 If you prefer to communicate by email, start here: Get in Touch

💬 If you prefer Facebook, message me here: DNA Discoveries